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Sheriff Gualtieri Supports Armed Teachers to Stop School Shooters

The sheriff leading the state commission investigating Florida's high school massacre says he now believes trained, volunteer teachers should have access to guns so they can stop shooters who get past other safeguards. Pinellas County Sheriff…

Central Florida Charter Schools Struggle to Pay for On-Campus Officers Required by New Law

Two Winter Garden charter schools planned to buy new computers this year, giving every student on their shared campus one to use. But when Crystal Yoakum, the CEO of the two affiliated schools, got a look at the numbers, she knew that dream…

Scott Names Interim Heads for DCF and DJJ – The Tampa Bay Times

Gov. Rick Scott named interim replacements for the secretaries of the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Department of Children and Families Tuesday. Both are expected to step down later this week. Read more.
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Florida Law Requiring Students to Inform School Districts on Mental Health History is Problematic – The Orlando Sentinel

Has student ever been referred to mental health services? This is quite possibly the most loaded question any parent has been forced to answer on a school registration form. It’s also the most loaded question school districts have been…
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Florida Juvenile Justice Leader Christina Daly Leaving – The Crime Report

Christina Daly, the Florida agency head hailed by Gov. Rick Scott as “a national leader in reform of a comprehensive juvenile justice system,” is stepping down, the Miami Herald reports. Daly oversaw the state Department of Juvenile Justice…
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Making Schools Safer: Harsh Consequences, Or Second Chances? – NPR

"For the last 14 years I had been a stay at home mom and a soccer mom of three kids," says Lori Alhadeff. "On Valentine's Day my daughter was brutally shot down and murdered and I became a school safety activist." Read more.
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Tell Governor Scott to Sign CS/HB 361: Persons Authorized to Visit Juvenile Facilities

Take Action! Tell Gov. Scott to sign CS/HB 361! Yesterday, the Florida Legislature sent CS/HB 361: Persons Authorized to Visit Juvenile Justice Facilities to Governor Rick Scott for approval. In the wake of The Miami Herald‘s Fight…
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Florida’s Pattern is Underfunding School Psychologists and Resource Officers – The Miami Herald

Legislators, mental health professionals, and law enforcement have expressed concern regarding Florida's failure to adequately fund school psychologists and resource officers. Read more.
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Opinion: Focus on Smart Justice Reforms – The Panama City News Herald

Adjusted for population, Florida has the fifth highest violent crime rate in the United States. Currently, Florida's corrections budget is $214 million; that does not include money spent on the juvenile justice system. Currently, there are several…
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What’s Ahead Legislatively For Florida’s Prison, Juvenile Justice Systems? – WFSU

Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) Secretary Julie Jones has created a budget at the Governor's request that will focus on inmate and officer safety, as well as reducing recidivism. An estimated $40 million will go toward facility repair…