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Juvenile Lifers Struggle to Navigate Reentry After Release

In 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that juveniles automatically sentenced to life without parole must have a chance for release. But juvenile lifers who left prison say society wasn't prepared for them. Read more.
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Positive Youth Outcomes (PYO) Committee Education Series: Policy Implications

CJCA has sponsored a year- long educational series intended to support the CJCA membership in delivering high quality educational services to the youth that we serve. Education is a critical deliverable for juvenile justice administrators…
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FREE Webinar: Positive Youth Outcomes (PYO) Committee Education Series: Policy Implications

On January 24th  2019 from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. EST the CJCA PYO Committee will host a webinar based on the PYO Educational Webinar Series on Policy Implications. CJCA has sponsored a year-long educational series intended to support the CJCA…
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Cleo LeCroy to be Freed from Prison for 1981 Murders of Newlyweds

Just two months shy of his 18th birthday when he gunned down John and Gail Hardeman at Brown’s Farm Wildlife Management Area, LeCroy benefited from two-back-to-back U.S. Supreme Court decisions. In 2010 and again in 2012, the nation’s highest…
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Blended Learning Models can Benefit Students in Juvenile Jails – Education Dive

With a 2015 survey by the Council of State Governments Justice Center showing that only 13 states provided educational services for students inside juvenile justice facilities that were comparable to services for students in regular school facilities,…
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Effective Reentry Practices

Access the PowerPoint here.     Photo by James Baldwin on Unsplash.
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Federal Funding Available for Improving Juvenile Reentry Programs’ Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting

This solicitation supports the development and implementation of an effort to improve the capacity of state and local government agencies, and local juvenile reentry programs for data collection, analysis, and reporting. The data capacity improvements…