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Fetal Alcohol Disorder May Be Far More Common Than Previously Thought – Cleveland Clinic

A new study has found that the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) may be higher than previously thought. Abstract Importance Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are costly, life-long disabilities. Older data suggested…
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‘Social Camouflage’ May Lead to Underdiagnosis of Autism in Girls – NPR

Although significantly more boys than girls are diagnosed with autism each year, some researchers say that the gender gap may not be as wide as it seems. Girls, they say, are better at blending in with social groups. Read more.
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“Crime, Punishment, and Redemption for My Son with ADHD” – ADDitude

This article chronicles the struggles of Kathleen Ryan's son, who suffered from ADHD and had frequent run-ins with the law. Read more.
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Mom Films Cops Arresting 10-Year-Old Son with Autism at School – The Huffington Post

Last week, a 10-year-old boy with autism was arrested on a warrant at his school in Okeechobee. The boy had allegedly attacked a school employee in November of 2016 and was suspended and then homebound. The boy and his family were not informed…
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Early Detection Crucial for ASD Treatment – Psychiatry Advisor

The most significant obstacle to effective treatment of autism is late detection. Early diagnosis is the key to success in helping a child with autism, but it is likely to be delayed by as much as two years in children from disadvantaged or…
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Autism is Detectable in Brain Scans Long Before Symptoms Appear, New Study Says – USA TODAY

New research suggests that autism may be detectable within a child's first year of life. Researchers at the University of North Carolina used brain scans to predict with 80 percent accuracy whether certain children would develop autism. This…