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When Kids Kill

Two were only 13 years old. Three were just a few months shy of turning 18. Four committed their crimes in this decade, and just as many have spent more than 30 years behind bars. At least two sold sex for money. One witnessed his father…
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Cop Handcuffs 11-Year-Old Boy for Bouncing Basketball, Mom Says – The Sun Sentinel

An overzealous cop slapped handcuffs on an 11-year-old boy who wouldn't stop bouncing a basketball after a game, the kid’s mom said. Fatayi Jomoh was bouncing the ball after a game at the Police Athletic League of Jacksonville when an officer…
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Jacksonville Man Subject of Landmark Ruling Will Wait Years for his Chance at Release – The Florida Times-Union

Terrence Graham, subject of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in Graham v. Florida, may have to wait several years before given a meaningful opportunity for release. Read more.   Image courtesy of the Florida Department of…
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Jacksonville Teen Sentenced to Life in Prison Ordered Released at Age 57 – The Florida Times-Union

Anthony Dixon was sentenced to life without parole as a juvenile non-homicide offender in 1975. After 43 years in prison, Judge Linda McCallum has ordered Dixon's release. Read more.   Image courtesy of the Florida Department of …
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Fernandez Case Highlights the Long-Term Implications of Incarcerating Youthful Offenders – The Florida Times-Union

After serving nearly seven years for the death of his younger brother, 19-year-old Cristian Fernandez will face many obstacles once released back into society. Read more.   Photo by Izhar Khan from Pexels.
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Expert Calls for Expanded Use of Restorative Justice in Jacksonville – The Florida Times-Union

This month, State Attorney Melissa Nelson's Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee held an event featuring two speakers: Lauren Abramson, a biopsychologist and founder of the Community Conferencing Center in Baltimore, and Ellis Curry, who was…
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Prosecutors Aren’t Seeking Adult Charges Against Kids Nearly as Often in Florida or Jacksonville – The Florida Times-Union

According to statistics from the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), Florida saw a significant decline in the number of children prosecuted as adults, especially in Jacksonville and Gainesville. Read more.   Photo by Mitchel L…
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Award-Winning ‘Evac Movement’ Not Returning to Jacksonville’s Lee High School – The Florida Times-Union

Despite award-winning success, Lee High School will not be continuing its leadership class for at-risk youths for the 2017-2018 school year. Read more.
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Jacksonville Judge Offers Youthful Offenders the Chance to Read Their Way Out of Trouble – The Florida Times-Union

A Jacksonville judge offers juveniles am opportunity to read and write a book report for community services hours. Read more.
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Turning Point Intervention Program Ends Body Bag Demonstration – The Florida Times-Union

A diversionary program in Jacksonville is making a dramatic change in its programming after receiving $31,000 from Jax Journey. The program, Turning Point: Rethinking Violence, will no longer be able to place the 80 to 100 juveniles that attend…
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Collaboration Helps Juvenile Offenders Forge a Path for the Future – The Florida Record

Jacksonville's new Seal/Expunge Project for Young Offenders—a collaboration between the Florida Coastal School of Law, the Center for Legal Rights, the Office of the State Attorney for the Fourth Judicial Circuit, the Duval County Clerk of…