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For Troubled Kids, Some Schools Take Time Out for Group Therapy – NPR

Some schools have begun adopting The Resilience Builder Program, which teaches students how to manage emotions and stress. Read more.       Photo by Hichem Deghmoum from Pexels.
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Transforming Juvenile Probation – The Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation presents its vision for transforming juvenile probation into a focused intervention that promotes personal growth, positive behavior change and long-term success for youth who pose significant risks for serious…
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PHAT Life: Effective HIV Intervention for Youth in the Criminal Justice System – National Institutes of Health

Earlier this month, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) issued a press release on effective methods of HIV intervention for justice-involved youths. Read more.
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Intersection: Trauma Informed Schools

Dr. Lisa Spector is chief of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Nemours and sits on the Orange County Health department’s Trauma Informed committee. Dr. Spector joins us to explain what it means to be trauma informed, and how the approach…

Review: The Effects of Youth Diversion Programs on Recidivism

Reviewer: Sarah Krantz, Esq. Article to be Reviewed: Robert D. Hodge and Holly A. Wilson, The Effect of Youth Diversion Programs on Recidivism: A Meta-Analytic Review, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Vol.40, No.5, 497-518 (May 2013). http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0093854812451089. Summary Diversionary…
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Handcuffs and a Psych Exam for a 7-Year-Old? Schools Do That Too Often, Parents Say – The Miami Herald

Some parents have expressed concern that Florida schools are using the Baker Act too frequently. Many children who are Baker Acted do not meet the criteria for involuntary psychological evaluation. Read more.
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Review: What Doesn’t Work in Preventing and Reducing Juvenile Delinquency

Reviewer: Sarah Krantz, Esq. Article to be Reviewed: Howell, James C. "What Doesn’t Work in Preventing and Reducing Juvenile Delinquency." Preventing and Reducing Juvenile Delinquency: A Comprehensive Framework, 130-147 (2003) http://www.sagepub.com/sites/default/files/upm-binaries/3323_Howell_Capter7FINAL.pdf. Summary D.A.R.E.…
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Turning Point Intervention Program Ends Body Bag Demonstration – The Florida Times-Union

A diversionary program in Jacksonville is making a dramatic change in its programming after receiving $31,000 from Jax Journey. The program, Turning Point: Rethinking Violence, will no longer be able to place the 80 to 100 juveniles that attend…