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Florida’s Flawed Baker Act Rips Thousands of Kids from School

Over the past seven years, children have been taken from public schools in Tampa Bay more than 7,500 times and temporarily placed in mental health facilities. They often leave campus handcuffed in the back of police cruisers. Some are as…
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When Kids Kill

Two were only 13 years old. Three were just a few months shy of turning 18. Four committed their crimes in this decade, and just as many have spent more than 30 years behind bars. At least two sold sex for money. One witnessed his father…
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Study: New Rule Should Mean More Florida Kids in Diversion Programs – The Tampa Bay Times

The Caruthers Institute release its newest study on the use of juvenile civil citations in Florida. Key findings include: Utilization continues to increase but more slowly than in previous years. Counties that saw substantial increased…
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Florida’s Pattern is Underfunding School Psychologists and Resource Officers – The Miami Herald

Legislators, mental health professionals, and law enforcement have expressed concern regarding Florida's failure to adequately fund school psychologists and resource officers. Read more.
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New Juvenile System Designed to Keep Hillsborough Co. Teens from a Life of Crime – WFLA

Andrew Warren, State Attorney for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida, announced a new diversionary program for juveniles called the Juvenile Arrest Avoidance Program. First-time misdemeanor offenders may avoid arrest if they complete…
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Hillsborough Leaders Tout Shared Goal of Second Chances for Juvenile Offenders – The Tampa Bay Times

Hillsborough County is looking to make major changes in the juvenile justice system by implementing a system that increases the use of civil citations and reduced the number of juveniles who are direct filed into adult court. Currently, while…
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New Push to Stop Troubled Kids from Reoffending – ABC Action News

Eckerd Project Bridge has expanded its program to reduce juvenile recidivism in Florida. The project provides transitional services to youths from age 11 to age 21 so that they can reintegrate back into their communities after release from…