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When Kids Kill

Two were only 13 years old. Three were just a few months shy of turning 18. Four committed their crimes in this decade, and just as many have spent more than 30 years behind bars. At least two sold sex for money. One witnessed his father…
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Cleo LeCroy to be Freed from Prison for 1981 Murders of Newlyweds

Just two months shy of his 18th birthday when he gunned down John and Gail Hardeman at Brown’s Farm Wildlife Management Area, LeCroy benefited from two-back-to-back U.S. Supreme Court decisions. In 2010 and again in 2012, the nation’s highest…
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Florida Legislators Pass Bill to Allow Surprise Inspections of Juvenile Lock-Ups – The Miami Herald

Last week, the Florida Legislature sent CS/HB 361: Persons Authorized to Visit Juvenile Justice Facilities to Governor Rick Scott for approval.  To increase executive, legislative, and judicial oversight, CS/HB 361 authorizes the Governor…
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Fernandez Case Highlights the Long-Term Implications of Incarcerating Youthful Offenders – The Florida Times-Union

After serving nearly seven years for the death of his younger brother, 19-year-old Cristian Fernandez will face many obstacles once released back into society. Read more.   Photo by Izhar Khan from Pexels.
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Florida’s Troubled Prison, Juvenile Justice Systems Gear Up For Overhaul – The Huffington Post

The Florida Legislature is currently considering a number of bills to reform the state's juvenile justice system. The most influential of these bills is a bill that will require police officers to issue civil citations to juveniles who are…
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What’s Ahead Legislatively For Florida’s Prison, Juvenile Justice Systems? – WFSU

Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) Secretary Julie Jones has created a budget at the Governor's request that will focus on inmate and officer safety, as well as reducing recidivism. An estimated $40 million will go toward facility repair…