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Reducing Isolation In Youth Facilities: Applying Positive Youth Development Strategies to Reduce the Use of Isolation and Ensure Youth Safety

This webinar focused on preventing isolation by using a PYD framework, including developing and fostering healthy staff-to-youth relationships. The webinar objectives include:

  • To understand the basic tenets of Positive Youth Development
  • To understand the difference between the outcomes we use to track high level success and the strategies that we employ with youth in order to achieve these outcomes
  • To understand the critical role of the staff-to-youth relationship in preventing the use of isolation
  • To provide participants with concrete strategies for helping staff feel confident and capable in managing negative youth behaviors, without the use of isolation
  • To provide steps to consider when attempting to move a facility and/or agency culture away from using isolation to one of using alternative tools

Presenters include:

Shannon Myrick, Ph.D., Strategic Initiatives Manager, Oregon Youth Authority

Ruth Rovezzi, Deputy Commissioner for Operations and Support Services, Massachusetts DYS

Access the PowerPoint here.



Photo by Meo from Pexels.