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New Juvenile Justice Website Launched by Advocates

This week, Blueprint for Change: Education Success for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System was officially launched. The website was developed by the Legal Center for Youth Justice and Education (LCYJE), a national collaboration of the Juvenile Law Center, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Educational Law Center-PA and the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law. LCYJE’s mission is to “ensure that all youth in and returning from the juvenile and criminal justice systems can access a quality education.” LCYJE intends to fulfill its mission by accomplishing 10 goals:

  1. Goal 1: Youth Voice – Youth are informed and entrusted to make decisions about their own education and future.
  2. Goal 2: Adult Support – Youth have adult support in their education before, during, and after involvement in the juvenile justice system.
  3. Goal 3: Educated in Community – After being charged or adjudicated delinquent, youth remain in the same school whenever feasible or enroll in a new school in their home community.
  4. Goal 4: Full Opportunities in Community – Youth involved in the juvenile justice system who are educated in the community receive access to the full range of educational opportunities and supports.
  5. Goal 5: Quality Education in Facilities – Youth in juvenile justice placements receive a high quality educational experience that enables them to stay on track academically.
  6. Goal 6: Supportive School Environments – Youth in juvenile justice placements are educated in a supportive, positive school environment where they feel safe and have a voice.
  7. Goal 7: Career Pathways – Youth have access to high quality career pathways programs, especially in juvenile justice placements.
  8. Goal 8: Post-Secondary Access – Youth receive supports to prepare for, enter, and complete post-secondary education and training.
  9. Goal 9: Smooth Transitions – Youth have smooth transitions between home schools and juvenile justice placements and receive effective reentry planning and supports.
  10. Goal 10: Protect Especially Vulnerable Youth.