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Was Evan Miller ‘The Rare Juvenile’ Who Deserved Life Without Parole? – The Marshall Project

Behind every court case is a person whose life may be changed by the result. In 2012, Miller v. Alabama changed the lives of every juvenile that was serving a mandatory life-without-parole sentence. On March 13, 2017, Evan Miller,  who, at age 14, robbed and killed a neighbor during a drug and alcohol binge in 2003, went before a judge to plead his case that he should be released on parole. At the hearing, Miller apologized to victims family, saying that he was sorry for “stealing the joy from your lives,” explained that the “chain of pain and hatred” should be broken, and that he can “make amends.” Miller’s attorneys have utilized a series of witnesses in hopes that the judge will decide the now 28-year-old is worthy of eventual release. A decision in the case should be issued in the next week. Read more.