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YES on CS/HB 361: Persons Authorized to Visit Juvenile Justice Facilities

Take Action! Tell your Representative to support CS/HB 361!

On Wednesday, February 28, the Florida will be voting on CS/HB 361: Persons Authorized to Visit Juvenile Justice Facilities. In the wake of The Miami Herald‘s Fight Club, numerous state legislators have proposed reforms to combat abuse in Florida’s juvenile justice system. To increase executive, legislative, and judicial oversight, CS/HB 361 authorizes the Governor and his Cabinet, legislators, court judges, state attorneys, public defenders, and authorized representatives of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to conduct surprise visits at juvenile facilities. The bill also prohibits these facilities from denying reasonable access to bona fide reporters.

The bill was co-introduced by Representative David Richardson (D-District 113), who represents Miami Beach and part of Miami, and Representative Cynthia A. Stafford (D-District 109), who represents central Miami-Dade County. The text of the bill and the bill analysis and fiscal impact statement are also available. A similar bill, CS/SB 1004, has been filed in the Senate.

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